Medellin Relocation and Retirement Discovery Tours

“The only danger is that you may not want to return home”

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Your FIRST step to discover a new and exciting life!

More on-the-ground experience (tours led by an expert with 50 years of living in Latin America), personal hands-on attention, unbiased insider information and connections in order to meet the specific needs of full or part-time expats, retirees, Boomers, snowbirds, entrepreneurs, Internet nomads, Millennials and those worried about America’s future.

  • Experience what it is really like to live and/or retire in Medellín on these highly informative and tours for people of all ages.
  • How to make the move seamlessly and successfully!
  • All tours include a seminar by renowned experts in their respective fields (law, immigration, insurance, moving and cutoms, banking, health care, renting and purchasing property, learning Spanish and living the expatriate life in Medellín).
  • It would be impossible to do a tour like this on your own and gain the same knowledge, contacts and information about relocating, living or retiring in Medellín.
  • Our on-the-ground team of experts based in Medellín will help guide you “every step of the way”
  • Nobody else offers an in-depth time-tested tour like this.
  • The cost is no more than that of a regular guided tour.

A LIFESTYLE TOUR NOT intended to sell you anything

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