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So what is the best way to explore Medellín?

The answer is simple. Take one of our highly-acclaimed Discovery Tours that have “Tours that Change People’s Lives” for almost 40 years in Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama and even Cuba now that the latter is opening up.

Christopher Howard is the pioneer in the relocation business in Central America years before the other so-called retirement experts like International Living and others jumped on the band wagon by appearing on the relocation scene.

There are NO hidden agendas on Christopher’s tours.

Your expert guide, Christopher Howard, has been involved with Latin America for 50 years, in the relocation tour business offering award-winning tours to Costa Rica, Panama and Nicaragua. His tours have been featured on The NBC Today Show, CNBC World Business News, Fox News, Good Morning America, The Wall Street Journal, in Newsweek Magazine and in almost every major newspaper in the U.S. Canada and Costa Rica.

Take one of the time-tested exploratory tours operated by Live in Colombia. The cost is no more than that of a regular guided tour. You could not possibly do a tour like this by yourself and gain the same knowledge, contacts and information about relocating, living or retiring in Medellín. Nobody else offers an in-depth tour like this. Make the move seamlessly by doing do diligence the right way.

Why not see the country on your own, you might wonder? Consider these disadvantages of self-guided tours for future expats:

  • When thinking of retirement or relocation to Medellín one of the first things that comes to mind is the best way to explore the city, learn about it and decide where to settle. A lot has been written in publications and web sites about this subject and some of the information is incorrect.
  • Those who have a high level of Spanish fluency, who have traveled extensively abroad or visited Colombia on numerous occasions will probably have success touring the country on their own. However, those people are few and far between.
  • On the other hand, almost one hundred percent of participants on these time-tested and award winning discover retirement and relocation tours have stated that they could never have explored the country on their own, made the contacts the tours provide, nor learn so much from Christopher Howard’s own experience.
  • At some point independent travelers will have to drive or take buses which can prove tiresome and time-wasters. There have also been cases where people traveling by bus have had their luggage stolen. Even if you choose to fly around the country, at some point you will take a taxi or bus since you won’t have ground transportation, and that can add up to a lot of money.
  • On top of that most travelers speak little or no Spanish and may feel helpless when asking directions and trying to get around. Remember: Few Colombians speak English. Imagine having car troubles or some other emergency in the middle of nowhere and trying to communicate with people.
  • Wouldn’t it be easier to take a guided retirement and relocation tour than to have to deal with all the situations above? One would think so.
  • The knowledge and contacts you get from an experienced retirement guide are invaluable. And best of all you can leave all of the headaches like finding lodging, transportation, viewing the inside of homes and looking for good restaurants to your guide. By the time you add up your valuable time and monetary and emotional costs of a self-guided tour, a guided retirement tour is a no-brainer.

What you learn from a personalized retirement and relocation discovery tour

 When you finish one of these tours, you will have enough information to know whether Colombia is for you, and if so, which area you can see yourself living in. You will learn what it took Christopher Howard years to learn: the good, the bad and the ugly. Your guide tells like it is and pulls no punches.

Specifically, the tours cover the following:

  • The best locations suited for your lifestyle and specific needs.
  • You will see a sampling of Colombian homes in the path of progress with high resale vale and not in remote areas.  All properties are in neighborhoods with high-speed Internet access and near the best private hospitals in case of a serious medical emergency. You won’t find any of these indispensable amenities in the outlying areas.
  • A highly informative seminar with experts in the fields of real estate, law, moving to Medellín, health care, banking, insurance and more.
  • Expats who have moved here will relate their experiences to you.
  • You will make valuable contacts to help ensure your success move here.
  • How to access inexpensive health care.
  • Investors will receive insider information and tips, and learn how to make money and opportunities.
  • What to expect when you first arrive.
  • Time-proven shortcuts for learning Spanish by Christopher Howard, the author of the popular one-of-a-kind Official Guide to Colombian Spanish.
  • Learn about the satisfying and exciting lifestyle you can have living in Medellín.

Relocation and discovery Tours Itinerary for Expats

Day 1 Arrival with transportation to the hotel provided. Dinner at the hotel.

Day 2 – First-day seminar with the most renowned experts in moving, Internet, telephone cable TV, real estate (buying and renting), banking. LUNCH included AFTERNOON City Tour 1 – Trip on arial tram from  San Javier Station and escalators. Dinner Parque Lleras.

Day 3 –Day 3 –Second-day continuation of the seminar withthe experts in moving, Internet, telephone cable TV, real estate (buying and renting covered), banking, lunch included, Short cuts and time tested methods for learning Spanish, heath insurance options, expats talk about experiences in Medellín. LUNCH included. AFTERNOON In depth tour of the best neighborhoods for expats to view condos and apartments: El Poblado Envigado, Sabaneta, Laurels-Estadio, Belén,etc. DINNER at one of the city’s best restaurants.

Day 4 –   INFRASTRUCTURE with visit the Santa Fe Mall, Supermarket, Marku, Pricemart, Panamerican bookstore and the Home Center. LUNCH Afternoon a trip on the Metro to the other Arial Tram to the National Park at Estación Arví high above the city. Dinner. Salsa Music at night club (optional)

Day 5 – Downtown tour with visit to the pharmacies. Mini shopping centers, Botero Statue, Museum (s), Parque Bolivar, Parque de los Descalzos and Orquiderama and or Botanical garden and a souvenir shop. LUNCH. Trip to San Javier Arial Tram and Escalators. Pueblo Paisa. DINNER

Day 6  – Day trip to Hacienda Nápoles (Escobar’s Finca) or trip to the colonial own of Santa Fe de Antioquia which was the early capital of Antioquia until eclipsed by Medellín.)Lunch included. DINNER

Day 7Guatapé to see El Peñol,  a 650-high granite monolith. This enormous geological marvel can be climbed for the spectacular view by climbing a 649 step staircase built into a fissure. There is also a large lake there. The latter is very popular with tourists. LUNCH typical Paisa food at one of the town’s restaurants. Farewell dinner and remaining questions.

Day 8 –  Departure with transportation from the hotel provided.

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Tour Prices:

Pax Cash Pay Pal or Credit card
Individual $3,399
Per Couple $3,999
Lodging, transportation and meals are included. Airfare is not. 
We can suggest airlines, routes and how to book a flight.
* A $250 refundable (up to 4 weeks from the tour) is required per person.